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Ok ,so after reading all the issues on here about the air in the vents blowing hot on the passenger side and a/c like on the drivers side. I decided to look into it more than what was posted on here. My car was doing the same ,and people said heater core. Well here's how I fixed it.

I tore the whole dash and center console out looking for an issue with a blender door. Nothing. Read up on the heater core and a detailed description on how it works and what all the parts inside do. Then Decided that people say its the heater core and that you should replace it. Ok that did not make sense to me seeing that the heater core is a radiator and just allows fluid to run through it. It the heater core was bad ,then the vents would blow all cold and not both at the same time. So here's what I did.

1. Bought a flush and fill kit.

2. Cut the heater core hose closest to the drivers side and install the fitting in the hose.

3. Flushed the lines. (make sure the radiator cap is off)

4. Let the car run to normal temp.

5. Flush it again.

6. Repeat number 5 (4) times.

7. Take the hose off and look into the fitting and see what color your water is. If its still green but the water coming out the radiator is clear ,guess what. Flush it again.

8. Take the hose off the fitting and put the lid on.

9. Your car should be hot and blowing nice hot air.

10. With the car warmed up and running. take the drain plug out of the radiator (fast cause its hot water) ,it will runs out and stop draining. put the plug back in and fill the radiator with antifreeze (not 50/50 mix because there's water in the block).

11. Enjoy the heat.

Make sure the car is running during all of this.
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