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I noticed there wasn't really a How-to on this, so I figured I'd give it a shot to help out other members who may want to do this.

Difficulty: EASY

Estimated time: Under 30 minutes

Cost: Less than $20

Tools needed:
-Phillips screwdriver
-Electrical tape
-Wire stippers

Parts needed:
-wiring for the ground and power. I got mine at my local Radio Shack
-LED strips, or lighting of your choice.

I used these from eBay

*Before you get started, be sure to remove your negative terminal from your battery.
*Note: I am not responsible if you mess anything up. This is for information only, attempt at your own risk.

Step 1:
Get your wiring. Again, I got mine at Radio Shack and they came together.

Step 2:
Remove the driver's side door sill.

Just remove the screw with your phillips, will be located under the fuses pretty much. Just look down there and you'll see it. Then you can pull the sill up, it's held in by clips.

Step 3:
Unclip the carpet and pull back to reveal the wiring. I don't remember if this was wrapped with electrical tape, if it was then just unwrap it from this section. (picture shown already has my wiring finished)

Step 4:
To help you visualize a little better as to which wires you need to tap into, let's locate what the door trigger wires look like.

If you pull off the rubber trim covering it (it's easy to pop it back in), you will see the wire that goes to the door trigger.

This is the driver's side. Take note of the color, yours is probably green too.

And here's the passenger's side, this one is the same green but with a black stripe. Again, make a mental picture of this or keep it visible if you need to check back on it.

Step 5:
Cut your GROUND wires to appropriate lengths. The GROUND wire is what will tap to the green wires. Obviously one needs to reach below the steering wheel area, and one needs to run long enough to be routed all the way under the steering wheel area and to the passenger's footwell. Cut long just be on the safe side, then trim later.

Step 6:
Locate the two wires, here you see the green wire from the driver's door and the green wire w/ black stripe for the passenger's door (mine are already wired in pic)

Step 7:
Tap the GROUND wires to their appropriate green wires. So my shorter one goes to the green wire, longer one goes to the one with the black stripe.

Then wrap it with some electrical tape.

Use your wire strippers to expose a little bit of wire from both of the grounds. Then give the two ground wires a twist. What this does is make it so that BOTH lights will come on and turn off regardless of which door is open.
If you decide to skip this step, then your driver's footwell lighting will only be on when your driver's door is open, and your passenger's footwell lighting will only light up when the passenger door is open.

Don't forget to wrap it with some electrical tape again. Then tuck it and run it along with the rest of the wires below the door sill.

Cut your power wire now. The both will end up going to behind your headunit, so use your head and cut the length you need.

Step 10:
Get your LED's and wire them up, and tape up. Do this for both sides.
Also, be sure to first route the wires so that it's not hanging around, so run it through things or around things that will hold it in place pretty much.

Step 11:

Remove the headunit cover, and remove the headunit (or just move it to the side)
(information on how to do these steps can be found via the search button)

Step 12:
Gather up your power wires and locate the red power wire that we need to tap into. In this photo it's going to be the red one on the harness.

Tap into that red wire with the white stripe for both of the red power wires from the LED's. Then tape up. (I didn't get a photo of this)
I found that this is the only power wire that worked without the key being in the ignition and set to ACC.

Step 13:
Before you adhere the LED strips, make sure they are working.

Do they light up? If so, congratulations, you can follow directions! :woot:

Step 14:
Adhere the LED strips.
Put everything back where it goes.

Enjoy your awesome, cheap new mod:cheers:
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