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Pretty simple, just need about $32 and about an hour of your time.


I picked these little plugs up from my local hardware store for around .85 cents each. They had black and white, I just went with the black ones.

You'll also need a can of touch up paint. I had a rattle can of mine that cost around $27 with tax. You can use touchup bottle if you are good with not leaving strokes. The can is a good investment. Never know when you'll need it.

Make sure when you are doing the first coat the plugs are clean and leave them to dry for about 10 minutes before the 2nd coat, and let them dry for up to 30 minutes the second time around. Put them in and maybe even use some hot glue to keep the sealed. Mine were tight, so no need.

Two coats is plenty since it's such a small piece, get the right size plugs for your hole first! :lol:

Drill the holes out wider if need be to fit the plugs, you can apply clear coat if you wish, but in my experience it made it look shiny compared to everything else.

It's not a brand new bumper, but from a distance you can't even tell there were holes there.


Thanks for reading :)
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