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HOW TO: Get Security Code for Stock Radio for FREE Mitsubishi Eclipse

First, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum section to put this. Mods please move accordingly.

Secondly, I did a search on the forum. We've been around since 2000 and I was surprise there's no where in the forum about this. If I missed it, I apologize. I found this solution through Google search and found this :D

My battery died last Tuesday and I replaced it yesterday. Of course, I couldn't find where I put the manual and I remember putting the code in there with it :lol: Last time I changed the battery was in 2005.

3 things you're going to need:
  1. The last 8 digits of your VIN#
  2. The radio's model number (MRxxxxxx)
  3. The radio's serial number

I found the model# and serial# on top of my unit:

I've taken my dash apart numerous times, so it only took me 5 mins to remove and put back the radio.

  1. Now call Mitsubishi Motors of North America at 1-888-648-7820, M-F 7am - 4pm Pacific time.
  2. Now you have to navigate through the automated directory. Press 1 "If you currently own a Mitsubishi"
  3. Press 4 "To get the security code for stock radio". It will give you a long winded HOW TO step by step directions on how to get your model# and serial# and to call your nearest Mitsu dealer. If you don't want to hear all that ...
  4. Press * to talk to a Customer Assistance Representative. I was on hold for about 5 mins. First thing she asked me was my VIN#. Then she verified my name, address, and home phone # in their system. Then she asked for the serial# first, then the model#. That's it! She gave me my four digit security code :fever:

Now that you have the code you need to enter it properly.
How do you enter the radio code for Mitsubishi
MITSUBISHI Unlock Procedures if you know your 4 digit code
Press the power button to turn on the radio and the radio should display "CODE"

Use Preset memory buttons 1 through 4 (Preset memory buttons are the buttons used to store your favorite radio stations) Press #1 to display the number of times to display the first code number, Continue with buttons 2 through 4 for code positions 2-4.

* Press the TAPE or CD button, and a beep will be heard and the audio system will be in the operating condition
If you enter (or have entered previously) the code incorrectly 3 times the radio will display Off or Loc (even when you press the power button). You must leave your car key turned to ACC with the radio powered on for one hour and start the process again by pressing the power button after the hour has passed.

Now celebrate! :beer: :cheers:

Additional notes: I printed out my security code on a few mailing labels and stuck one inside my glove compartment and one under the arm rest :lol:
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