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Hey everyone, today I'm gonna show you how to install a new radio in your car. Note: This install was with my stock amp and not a aftermarket one.

First you're going to want to get everything you will need for this install.

Tools needed:

Screw Driver
Wire Strippers
PVC Pipe cutters/scissors

1. Get everything you'll need to install your radio successfully, you can mainly find all this stuff in a package deal on This includes, your radio, Metra 70-7001 and 7003, and your installation kit to make it fit (ignore the PAC kit in the pic (that will be explained in a later tutorial)

2. Remove your 28 CD's that you've been hording for over a year.

3. You're going to be removing two screws at the bottom of the center dash, get a short flathead or a bent Phillips screwdriver to reach this part. (One above the ashtray and the other above the cigarette lighter).

4. Pull at the bottom of the panel, it comes off pretty easy, just don't yank because you need to disconnect the hazard light wiring simply by squeezing a clip.

5. Disconnect your negative terminal on your battery so you dont short anything out (I think its a 10mm bolt you have to use but i could be wrong)

6. Next, set the center piece to the side. There are 4 screws on either side of the radio holding it in, unscrew these and pull the radio out and unclip the wiring in the back of the radio.

NOTE: some of wiring may be hard to get off, use the pliers to get a good grip on the harness and pull.

7. If you have the radio like me (The Infinity w249, I'm not sure how much it varies between stereos) You will find, two antenna wires, a bigger white plug, a smaller white plug, and a black plug (sorry for the lack of better descriptive words).

8. Find the black plug and attach it to the matching plug as shown

9. Find the big white plug and attach it to the matching Metra Wiring harness, there should be another wiring harness for your radio, match the correct wires from the metra harness to the radio harness. Splice these wires together. NOTE: If you have your radio antenna integrated with your back windshield, you do not have a power antenna. (The wires should be color matched, but check your instructions. Btw, plug in the bigger antenna wire to the back of the radio out of the two antenna wires that you have.

10. Ground your grounding wires (you will most likely be spicing these together then grounding them as i did), you can do this by unbolting one of the bolts in the back of the radio cradle.

11. Plug in your wires to your radio, there should be instruction from the site you bought them from, but if you cant find any, some simple trial and error can figure it out. These wires ARE YOUR LEFT, RIGHT, FRONT AND REAR SPEAKER WIRES, you dont have to splice anything.

12. With your wires splice and everything plugged in, reconnect your terminal to make sure your radio is working correctly.

13. I did not take pics of this, but with your new radio bezel/cradle for your radio, follow the instruction on how to install it, there might be some modification and cussing to your stuff so itll be okay.

14. Put everything back, reconnect the hazards and install the screws, and enjoy :)

If any questions, pm me and I'll get back to you. This tutorial doesn't cover how to keep your steering wheel controls (which you will lose in this process) but I am hopefully going to get that up soon, as soon as I work out some issues.
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