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Replacing the tail lights is pretty simple.. Looking in the manual for how to replace the bulbs in the tail lights should give you a good enough idea. ;)

Here are some pics, however, if you feel that you need the extra assurance. :)

First, you'll need a 10mm wrench to remove the bolts (as well as to put them back on). You might want to tie the handle of the wrench with something and attach it to your wrist, just in case you accidently lose your grip, and end up losing the wrench inside your bumper (which is exactly what I did).

Note: Some members have reported fitment problems with their aftermarket tail lights, while others with the exact same models did not, so there seems to be some quality assurance problems with some of them. Your best bet is to check your aftermarket lights with the stock tail lights that you take off, and do a side-by-side comparison, so you can trim off any extra plastic (or whatever else) so that the aftermarket ones will fit properly.

Also, some members have experienced water leaking to the aftermarket tail lights. Again, this does not happen to everyone, but a significant number of members have had this problem. It is suggested that if you want to avoid this problem, to use some silicone around the edges, as well as around the keyhole. Make sure you let the silicone dry before putting the aftermarket lights on if you do this.

Okay, here's the first pic. As you can see, there are two bulbs for each tail light assembly (the two openings), and depending on the your of your Eclipse, you might have four bolts (2000), or just three (2001+, from what I hear). I've circled the location of where the bolts are in red. Please note that this is the passenger side.

Once you have the aftermarket lights, you can use it as a reference to find where the bolts are, anyway... Just be sure to remove those plastic covers on them.

Okay, before you can reach the bolts, as well as remove the bulbs, you'll need to gain access to them. This is what you need to do:

Simple, eh? Once that cover's been removed, you can remove the bulbs, as well as reach the bolts. For the bulbs, just twist and pull. It can only be twisted in one direction, so you can't go wrong.

Some of the bolts can be a bit hard to reach, so while it is not extremely difficult to remove the bolts and to put them back on again, it is definately very time consuming, so be sure you have enough free time before you attempt to switch your tail lights.

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ok this is my first how too so if you have any question just pm.

Tools needed:
10mm wrench
cutting device (dremel tool would be the best)

first the product:
front view

back view:

now the old led tail lights by sonar look just a like the anzo lights. but sonar say that their led tail lights fit the 00-03 models. and that is why i had to mod them too just like these new ones.

step #1: remove the extra bolt that are on the new ones

this step you don't have to follow if you don't want too
now to make it easier so you don't have to cut too much i took a piece of plastic off the connector:

step #2: since we all know that the connectors will not fit you need to mark where you need to cut

passenger side turn signal markings:

passenger side brake light:

these is a eq of what you should get after your done every bodies will be different depending on how steady your hands are with a dremel tool:

last step make sure that the connectors fit in tight snug so moisture won't get into the lights and mount the harness back on.

then after that just slap them onto your car.
and that is how you mod the anzo 00-02 model led tail lights to fit on the 03-05 model cars.
also called anzo too see if these leds need a load equalizer to make sure they don't get over voltage and they say that you don't need one.
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