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When I did this install there was no clear guide on how to do it while keeping your highbeams as well as using the sonar cap on the back of the headlight to seal it. So I gathered what information I could from here (Thanks to Scarr and a few others) and took the lights out and went to work.

Note: This is just for HIDs, for headlight and halo installation see

Required Materials:

Small flat head screw driver
Extra wire
Shrink tubing and soldering tools (preferred)
Wire cutters
Wire crimps
Socket wrench

This is one light assembly that I received with my HID kit:

Remove the headlight and take apart the plastic cap on the back side of the low beam. Now cut the Sonar harness off. The black wires going into the harness clip are the ground for high and low beam, the light blue wire is for the low beam and the red wire is for the high beam. The HID kit may not come with any connections for the high beam (mine didn't) so you will need to wire that separately which we will do later.

Slide the black plastic cap off of the sonar wires and pop out the rubber piece that runs the wires into the cap. Using a small flat head screw driver, stretch out the holes in the rubber piece. This will allow you to run the HID wires into the plastic cap without having to drill any holes in it. Cut the wires connected to the HID bulb somewhere in the middle to remove the plastic plugs that are connected to the bulb. Now run the wires from the bulb into the small rubber piece (we used pliers to wedge the wire in, it's a tight fit) and place the rubber piece back into the black plastic cap. Solder the wires that you cut back together. Here is what the rubber piece looks like with the wires:

Remove the bulb from the headlight. Take the HID bulb out and place it in the slot such that the flat piece at the base of the bulb lines up with the notch on the headlight. If the bulb does not slide in you will need to dremel the hole. With the kit that I bought the bulb was slightly too big. This is where we shaved some of the opening to make the bulb fit:

The bulb should fit like this:

If you dremel in the wrong spot and end up putting your bulb in incorrectly (notch not lined up, in my search I read about someone doing this) then light will not be projected properly out of the headlight. Once the bulb is fitted into the headlight, replace the metal clip to secure it. Now clip the plastic cap back onto the headlight and the bulb assembly is finished. Here is what the lowbeam assembly looks like:

The black wire on the high beam needs to be grounded. You have to ground it on the battery side of the ballast, otherwise when you go from high beam to low beam the low beams will stay off and you will have no lights on. We just spliced it into the ground before the wire harness. You have a few options with the positive wire for the high beam. You can connect it to a tab and plug it back into the wire harness or you can bypass the wire harness and splice it directly into the high beam wire. My local NAPA didn't have any tabs so I bypassed the harness. Now you can plug the low beam into the ballast and connect/splice/solder everything together. Here is what the slots on the wire harness do:

Mount the ballast somewhere under the hood. We mounted it to the frame up against the wheel well like this:

Now do a quick test to make sure all lights are working. It is recommended to run the HIDs for 10 minutes to burn them in. Put the headlight assembly back into the car. Repeat for the other headlight and you are all set to line them up.
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