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Ok so your going to need to do some customization to you tail light. Dont be scared tho, im not going to lead u in the wrong direction.
So it is true that the LED's can only be used as a brake or running light(I decided to use them as brake lights). Now to solve this problem, I did a tail light modification that was posted by another user to have the turn signal lights stay on to be used as running lights, as well as having the capability to be a turn signal. This helps keep u safe from drivers because you at least have an extra set of lights running in the back with you bumper lights.
Im going to explain the MOD, in terms of what I did, and give all credit to Danielv2008 for his posting.
You can check out the MOD here:
BUT keep reading becasue I added my own twist to it for this problem.

Items needed:
Electrical tape
Wire strippers
Extra electrical wire
Time and patience

****My car is a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse******

So I pretty much took out the tail light harnesses and switched the brake light metal housings to the turn signal metal housing, so that the turn signal bulb can have double frequency capablities.

I cut the green/white, green, and ground wire from the original brake bulb socket and ONLY cut the green/blue wire going to the turn bulb socket. DO NOT CUT THE GROUND FOR THE TURN SIGNAL BULB SOCKET AND MAKE SURE YOU DONT CUT THEM TOO SHORT. Give them at least 3 inches or so.
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Grab a hold of the turn signal metal housing, with pair of plyers, and pry it out of the socket (lifting upwards) doing the same with the brake light metal housing. Set the turn signal housing aside and set the Brake metal housing inside the turn signal socket(now becoming duel frequency). Do this for both sets of harnesses.(make sure when you push down on the metal housing to set them, that you set the metal on the bare ground wire)
Strip all the wires and get ready to connect them.

So the LED's have 2 wires: a solid orange(LED power) and a black
(ground). The harness shoud have a solid green and a black leading to the LED's and a blue/green, green/white, and black leading to the new customized trun signal.(If you seem to have cut the wires too short, go ahead and add wire to it making it long enough so that the turn bulb socket can fit confortably in the tail light).

Connect them in this order:
For the LED brake light- Orange with Green. Ground with ground
For the Turn Signal- Green/white with green/white, Solid green with Blue/green, and grounds should already be connected.
Now remove your middle rear trunk panel and grab that extra wire to run it across to the other tail light. Connect it to the RIGHT green/white to green/white connection and run it along the trunk of you car to the LEFT tail light's Green/white to Green/white connection.
(so now you should have 3 wires connected to each other on both sides). This is going to send power through the bumper and running lights on the LEFT/REAR side of your car.
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Now test out the lights to make sure that both bumper lights are turned on and that both turn signal lights stay on as running lights. Note that the 3rd brake light does not power along with the running lights but does turn on when hitting the brakes. Check the brake and hazard lights and if all is set, put it all back.
You have now sucessfully installed LED tail lights on your Mitsubishi Eclipse.
If you have any questions regarding the process, feel free to post Or PM me.
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