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HOW TO: Intrax Lowering Springs Install

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Intrax Lowering Springs Install
I was reading one of the other "how to" threads about installing lowering springs. I think I will post one to clear some of the "issues" up.

First you will need a set of spring compressors. I rented a set from Pep Boys... its 50 bux to rent them.. and you get a full refund when you return them.

Be sure you have a floor jack, and at least two jack stands.

Jack the back of the car up nice and high, and put the jack stands in place.

Remove the tires.

Next you should remove the bolt located on the back of the strut. I suggest using a breaker bar (long long wrench) to get this bolt loose. It is put on with a ton of torque.

After you remove that bolt, open your trunk, and there will be two plastic panels (on on each side) directly above the struts. Remove that panel. Inside you will see a black boot. Remove the boot. There will be two nuts holding the strut up. Remove the outer two bolts... do not remove the one in the middle.

Go back under the car.. and push the strut outwards.. it should slide off without much force.

Now attach both spring compressors to the highest and lowest points on the springs (one on either side). Compress the springs a good bit.

Now remove the bolt on top.. in the middle ( the one I said not to remove before).. you will need both a wrench and a socket wrench to do this. Using the wrench to hold the flattened part of the bolt.

Remove all of the components above the coil.. be sure to keep them in order for when you rebuild the strut.

Next, remove the coil.. and replace it with the new one. Replace all of the compnents, and screw the top nut back in.

Replace the strut onto the car.... and make sure to tighten the bolts very well.

Do this to both sides.

The front is not too much harder.

Jack the car up nice and high.. and put the jack stands in place.

Remove the wheels.

Remove the nut that is holding the stabilizer bar in place.. and push the stabilizer bar to the side. You will notice two very large bolts connecting the strut. Remove those. The rotors should fall now (no.. not all the way down). You will also need to un-clamp the brake line.. it will be in the way if you don't.

Next, open the hood. Remove the small cap on the top of the strut. Do not remove the nut under that cap! Now, remove the three bolts holding the strut up... Now you should be able to remove the whole strut bar.

Use the spring compressors on either side of the spring... and compress as much as possible. Now remove the bolt that I asked you not to remove earlier. Remove as much of the components as possible. Re apply the nut, and using a flat head screwdriver... remove the cover that is attached to the spring. Be careful here... the reason for re-applying the nut is to avoid the spring cap from flying off.

Once you have that situated... remove the spring and replace it with the new one. If you have more than one person helping you... you will not need to use the spring compressors. If your doing this alone... you will need to compress the new spring in order to re-install the cap properly.

Re-install the cap.. make sure it fits exact! Also, be sure that the rubber liner is on, all the way around. Re-install all of the upper components.

Now place the whole strut/spring back into place... you will need to use the floor jack to lift the rotor section so that you can re attach the strut.

Push the strut into place.. and attach the top bolts. Now using the floor jack.. jack the rotor section up so that you can attach the two largest bolts that you removed previously.

Replace all removed parts.. and put your tires back on....

I hope this helps everyone.

BTW... if you notice that you car is more "bouncy" you should consider buying performance struts.

This "how to" is not intended to replace factory instructions. As always, be careful when installing high compression springs as they are dangerous. I will not be held liable for any injuries or damage caused by following these directions.

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