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For those of you that have redone the headliner black but wanted the visors to be black instead of tan as well, then here is HOW!

The first thing to do is obviously choose the fabric you want. (foambacking will be what you are probably looking for as that is what the visor fabric is consisted of), then just unscrew your visors from the headliner in your car. (2 star screws)

Tools you will need: hammer and a flathead (yes that is a hammer/bottle opener =D)

This ridge here is where your going to be sticking the flathead and hitting it with the hammer to break whats holding the visor together. (when you open it you'll see what I mean)

Once you get it open, this is what it'll look like: (btw you wont break the mirror if you randomly tap the flathead all over the place inside the visor. Just jam it in around the mirror and its molding and youll be fine.)

Now taking the mirror out is super easy. As you can see here there are two slots where small tabs on the mirror itself pop into place to keep it from falling. That is all practically hold it in place.

Just insert the flathead in the slot and turn it as if you where sticking your keys in your door and opening it.

pop goes the weasle

now you need to take out the piece that snaps into the visor clamp to keep it from falling in your face while driving. Just slide off the nail that is shown here in he picture and...

...its off

to take off the mirror cover there are two clips. just slide it in from the bottom front side of the clip and gently pop it off.

And thats how you take it off
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