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A friend/board member from the area came over to hang out, so we decided to restore the OEM blackness to his wiper cowl. :) I did mine a while back, but forgot to take pictures. SO here's his.

Tired of the faded cowl? Well these few steps will return it to the OEM black. Takes 45min to an hour.

Items needed
I think it's a 12mm socket
Duplicolor OEM black Trim Paint (can be found at any auto zone or O'rileys in the paint dept)
3M wet or dry 1500 sand paper (auto zone or O'rileys)
Flathead screw driver
Warm bucket of soapy water/rinsing water
Paint stands come in use too.

Here is what the faded crowl looks like when we began.

To take it off, first remove the wipers with the 12mm socket and ratchet. Make note of where the wipers are located on your window so you can put them on at the same spot. I used the dirt line :p.Once the nuts are off, you may to need push down on the wiper's "elbow" to make them come off the bolt. Once they are off, set them to each side of the car so you wont mix them up.

Here's the nut.

Now, to get the cowl off, you have to take out 5 little plastic rivets. Get your Flathead screwdriver - they'll pop right off. Put them somewhere safe.

Here they are.

Now you can remove the cowl. There are some clips holding it down. With the hood open, Gently pull and pry till all the clips pop out. You will have to SLIGHTLY bend the cowl to get it past the hood.

No cowl.

Out of the car. It's pretty tall.

Now, clean the cowl off with warm soapy water - and rinse it all off. Make sure you remove as much dirty and grime as possible.

Once it is nice and clean, time to wetsand! Get your 1500 sand paper and get it soaked. Get EVERY lil spot on it. Spend about 10-20 minutes do this.

Once it is all wetsanded, go back and rinse off all the grime again.



Once it is FULLY dry, you may now begin spraying the trim paint. The first coat should be the heaviest, yet still light enough to not run. When i spray, i go side to side with short burst. The cowl is very curvy, so you may change the angle of spray while you are painting.

Once done painting, let is dry in a dust free zone, with minimal moving air. It drys fast, but we waited 10 mins with it in the sun.

First coat:

We do 3 coats. The last 2 coats should be very light, and touch up of any missed areas :). Make sure you let it fully dry each coat you add.

2/3 coat:

Once your done, reverse the process to install them back in. Bend the cowl slightly, get the clips to stick, push in the rivets, and re-install the wipers to where you marked them off.

Finished product :bigthumb:

Have fun.

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I did this a couple of years ago on another car with the same oxidization issues on the cowl, but couldn't find (or know about) this specialized trim paint. Instead I went with Krylon black satin plastic paint. I didn't sand it though, I just roughed it up with a scotch pad, then used a prep cloth to tack it up before painting. It's held up just fine.

My friend also told me about some crap called like black restore or something that he used instead of paint.. i think it actually dyes the plastic and applies almost like a show polish.

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the pushing down on the elbow trick really helped me do this because i tried it about 2 week ago and couldn't get them off. whoever has that gts needs to clean up the engine bay
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