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I figured I'd write a how-to on this since I've heard many people say it's too difficult or not worth the trouble. As it turns out, the conversion was actually pretty straight forward. I've included a few pictures in this how-to, but there wasn't too much to take pictures of. The "hardest" part was breaking down the wiring schematic, which I'll walk you through below.

To complete this conversion, you are going to need the following items:

PCM from a GS Auto (I recommend getting the same year if possible)
Gauge cluster from any sportronic Eclipse
Shifter from any sportronic Eclipse

In addition, 12 wires are going to have to be added to the vehicle. I highly recommend getting the wiring pigtails from the gauge cluster and the shifter, as well as at least one connector from a PCM, as wires are going to be added into the factory connectors. Also, if you're unsure how to remove any of the components listed below, refer to the factory service manual...the intent of this how-to is not to guide you through basic R&R procedures, but to lay out the modifications that need to be done for this conversion.

Getting Started

Step 1: Disconnect the battery.

Step 2: Remove entire center console and cover over the gauges. You may also want to remove the center dash piece and the radio, as well as the portion under the steering wheel.

Step 3: Remove the shifter and replace it with the sportronic unit. You shouldn't have to adjust the shifter cable or the interlock cables if you just unbolt them and reinstall them on the new shifter.

Step 4: Remove the PCM and replace it with the GS PCM. NOTE: You have a couple choices with the immobilizer - you can get one that matches the GS PCM (as well as a key), or you can delete the immobilizer from the GS ROM and flash it back to the PCM (this would require you to read the ROM first...this is the route I chose since I'm installing an alarm as well, and I'd recommend you have the "new" ROM ready before you begin the conversion).

Step 5: Remove the gauge cluster. You may be able to plug the "new" cluster right in and have everything work fine. I bought one out of a GT, and it wouldn't register, I just took all the sportronic pieces off of it and put them on my RS gauge cluster. The next couple steps will outline this procedure. Skip to step 8 if the new cluster works fine in your car.

Step 6: Remove sportronic components from cluster. Look at the back of the new should look like this:

Remove three (3) large bulbs, four (4) medium bulbs, four (4) small bulbs, and five (5) small's a picture of the cluster minus the bulbs:

carefully lift up the printed circuit "board" until you can remove the black housing underneath (seen in this picture):

Remove speedometer/tachometer assembly. Remove the gauge face (just the thin black piece). You will have to take the needles off and gently pry underneath the face in the vicinity of the grey piece that surrounds the should be able to see the small tangs that hold the grey piece in.

Step 7: Install the sportronic components on the RS gauge cluster. You will have to disassemble the cluster as much as you did with the sportronic one. Installation should be the reverse of how you took the pieces off. The long bulbs go in the bottom four (4) holes on the left (there is an empty hole above them):

Step 8: Make and install your new wiring harness. Below is a breakdown of what wires need to be added, removed, or spliced (I've listed the factory colors, but any wire color can be used as long as you can determine where each wire is supposed to go):

Connector C-61 is the far right connector (green) on the bottom of the PCM:

Connector C-41 is the far left cluster connector (black) and C-43 is the far right (as seen from the driver's seat):

Connector C-65 plugs into the right side of the shifter.
Connector C-66 plugs into center of accessory socket behind cup holders.

Remove the following wires from C-61 (PCM):
White...from pin 109.
Grey...from pin 110.
Yellow w/blue tracer...from pin 122.

Add the following wires:
Black w/red tracer____connect from pin 105 of C-61 (PCM) to pin 4 of C-43 (gauges)
Red w/black tracer____connect from pin 109 of C-61 (PCM) to pin 5 of C-65 (shifter)
Black w/yellow tracer__connect from pin 110 of C-61 (PCM) to pin 4 of C-65 (shifter)
White w/black tracer__connect from pin 117 of C-61 (PCM) to pin 6 of C-43 (gauges)
Yellow w/black tracer__connect from pin 118 of C-61 (PCM) to pin 5 of C-43 (gauges)
White w/red tracer____connect from pin 122 of C-61 (PCM) to pin 3 of C-65 (shifter)
Yellow w/blue tracer___connect from pin 128 of C-61 (PCM) to pin 7 of C-43 (gauges)
Orange w/black tracer__connect from pin 2 of C-65 (shifter) to pin 50 of C-41 (gauges)

Splice the following wires:
Black w/blue tracer_____splice from pin 101 of C-61 (PCM) to pin 11 of C-43 (gauges)
Yellow________________splice from pin 102 of C-61 (PCM) to pin 1 of C-65 (shifter)
Red w/blue tracer______splice from pin 108 of C-61 (PCM) to pin 10 of C-43 (gauges)
Brown________________splice from pin 121 of C-61 (PCM) to pin 9 of C-43 (gauges)
Blue w/black tracer_____splice from C-66 (accy socket) to black w/orange tracer wire at pin 6 of C-65 (shifter)

Here are a couple pictures of the wiring coming together under the center console area:

Step 9: Reinstall center console, gauge cluster, cover over the cluster, and any other pieces you removed during the install.

Step 10: Connect the battery.

Step 11: Flash the new ROM to the GS PCM (if you chose to delete the immobilizer function).

Step 12: Take it for a test drive!

Here are a few things that I noticed since the sportronic controls were new to me. If the shifter is switched to sport mode at a stop (or very low speeds) only 1st & 2nd gear will be available. 3rd & 4th gears will not be available until the vehicle reaches a sufficient speed to warrant them. If you are moving and switch to sport mode, the transmission will stay in the same gear you were in (even 3rd or 4th), but you now will have manual control over the shifting. After completing this conversion, I was nicely surprised at the control I now have over the's basically like having a manual transmission without having to worry about a shift pattern or a clutch! :ndance:
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