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How to tell if my cat is bad

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I been having trouble with my car as indicated in another thread. Sometimes I do smell rotten eggs and burning wood smell when I am driving my car. Could this be a bad cat and fi so would that cause my car to stall, and loss of acceleration power?
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thats the smell of the clutch being burned, is your car auto or manual?
I know what a clutch smells like and it isn't that. I have a 5spd.
dont worry about it being the cat till the check engine light comes on :lol:
well it does come on, but then goes out after a few seconds. Took it to autozone and no codes come up..
If you're stalling and have a rotten egg smell, you might have a rich AFR. The rich mixture would be the cause of your stalling, and the unburned gas hitting the cat might be causing the rotten egg smell. There are tons of things which can make a car run rich though, all of them accessible through a search engine. Check the obvious stuff, and if you're stumped take it to a garage.
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