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I've been getting some vibrations through my gas pedal...

I have a 2001 Eclipse GS 2.4L
but I have put on wheels from a 2006 eclipse GS

It was passed on to me that I might need hubcentric rings for the wheels?

Is this correct? Everything I've searched says no, but am wanting to know from someone who has dealt with putting 2006 wheels on a 2001.

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Firstly, I do not know Eclipse's that well, so I will assume that the hubs are the same between models (Someone else would know). Given that assumption, there is no reason for needing hubcentric wheel spacers... unless you have a reason to space out your wheels?

IF the hubs are different between models then you might need hub-centric spacers IF the wheel doesn't match up with the central hub (i.e. they don't already self centralize on mounting). Once again, I've come from Nissan's where things are slightly different.

I would (I might be telling you how to suck eggs here) :
A) The wheels are actually balanced properly and have no flat spots in the tires, and no dents (bent rims) in the wheels.
B) Make sure you tightened your wheels in the star pattern and actually bolted the wheels on properly.
C) The mating faces of the wheel and hub (disc face in this case) are clean of corrosion and debris (you can use a wire brush for this).

EDIT: I did a search for Eclipse 4g wheels on 3g on google and I came up with no suggestions about the hubs being different or needing to use spacers etc, only on clearance issue from rubbing regarding tire widths.
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