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I can not figure out this Keyless Entry Programming

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I bought a replacement key less entry remote for my 2002 GT because the dealership i bought it from didn't have it. I got the Omron remote, and I have tried programming it to my car, but I cant get past the "Push Hazards 6 Times in 10 Seconds part".

I have read every thread on this site talking about how to get the car into programming mode, but mine wont go. I have used wires, paperclips, and even an OBD II scanner to connect pins 1 & 4, and Ive even tried connecting Pin 1 and grounding it to the frame of the car. I have followed everyone's directions step by step, but when i push the hazards 6 times, the doors don't do the lock/unlock sequence.

What Am I possible missing. Here is what I am doing:

putting a wire into the hole of pin 1 and then the other end of the wire into the hole of pin 4. (tried wire into pin 1, and other end onto frame, and connecting OBDII scanner) Then getting in, shut the door, slide key in, and then press the hazards 6 times. Nothing is working. Please help!
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so by some random good luck streak, it worked. I got it to work.
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