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Hi All. I built a Three Wheel Trike using this 03 Eclipse. View attachment 44268
It had the 4.2L engine. I used the entire front drive train including the axles wheels brakes and front cross member. It is an Automatic. I have always loved Mitsubishi's and got this particular car very CHEAP!!! I started building it in 07 and have been driving it finished now since 2015.
View attachment 44269
BUT NOW... I really want more power. I chose the automatic at the time because it was CHEAP and available to me. It drives easy and I thought it would be easier to build. Keep In Mind I am licensed as a "Custom Motorcycle" and have no Smog Restrictions. I currently have no Smog Pump, Catalytic Converter Etc.on the engine... Just headers with open pipes. So having to have a smog inspection is not an issue with my vehicle.

So here are my Questions:

Question & Option #1 Are there ways to keep this 2003 4.2L Automatic and get 200 or so HP that would be reliable and... will the Automatic I have be able to handle the added power.? How mush would I have to spend to get that added HP?

Option #2 Would I be smarter going with a different engine and what do you suggest, and Why? I would prefer to end up with an Automatic if that is possible. I really hate to shift with my left leg since I got a Knee Replacement, but I will If I must. I am very capable of changing my motor mounts etc and fitting a different engine in the trike. But I used all the front cross member, Struts, brake lines etc from my doner car a 2003 Eclipse. I would like to keep with an engine that would have worked in that car. That would keep me from having to completely rebuild the frame to house a totally different front end's components. I can make room for anything that is close to the 2.4L's size.

Question #3 Would the V6 they made from the same year Eclipse be a good choice?... and how much HP would I Gain? That would eliminate a lot of changes to my existing set-up. Since a lot of what I now have already would work.

I am very happy with what I have built and have spent hours and hours to get where I am now. But I would just love for this trike to be a lot faster than it is. Right now with the Automatic it drives fantastic and will get up and go pretty good but I would love for it to be FASTER!!

I am new to the mechanic world so try to keep it simple for me so I can understand your comments.
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