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I wanna introduce myself!

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Hey everyone, I never formally introduced myself, so I figured I'd like to go ahead and do so.

About 5-6 months ago I signed up with C3G, only to forget my password a month or so later. Since then, I've tried to have it sent to my email -- but failed to notice that Yahoo was filing it under bulk email (which in 3 years has only gotten 50 pieces of mail, so I NEVER check it).

Anyway, I would like to let you all know that I am a VERY sarcastic person, but usually ALWAYS in a fun/laughable way. My problem, which I'm sure will get me into trouble once or twice, is that I write as if I'm in a conversation; the problem is that is that the internet does not convey tone. So I might find what I say to be lightly taken and fun, may be taken the opposite way. Fortunately there are a SH!TLOAD of faces at my right to choose from to represent me :D!

Moving on... I love cars and want to learn a lot about them; I am pretty sure I know more than the average joe, but not as much as many of you all. I have a lot of gaps to fill in (sort of like math!). I ask that you all be patient with me (through stupid moments and all); and keep in mind that I am still getting used to forums in general. Feel free to give constructive criticism at any time!
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:wavey: welcome!
Welcome, enjoy!
Thanx everyone. I'm from Gainesville, FL! I'm back from Jax (UNF) for a while.
Welcome to C3G! :wavey:
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