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I am new to the forum and I have searched but can't find anything quite like this.

2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 2.4L 5 Speed
210,000 Miles
New Exhaust manifold installed yesterday by a shop
New plugs, wires, oil has been changed.
New Short ram intake installed. (No vacuum leaks, it's been checked)
I cleaned the throttle body and IAC (Put new gasket on the TB)

Now onto the weird part.

My car was throwing a 0421 code, so I had one of the cats replaced. (Couldn't afford to do both cats with both o2 sensors for 1600.) My o2 sensors weren't bad to begin with so I wasn't going to replace them right away in any case... (That's coming up in a couple of weeks)

Before the new manifold was installed my Car would not start...what so ever. It would crank, but stall immediately. Some how managed to get it to the shop and the cat was the culprit. They also said I need a new throttle cable as the old one was worn out and "melted". They also mentioned they tightened it up as it had a lot of slack. Before they fixed everything my idle would sit at about 8-900 rpm's. Now, as of yesterday it won't start unless i give it a little gas so it can catch itself. Once it is running, it runs great. The throttle response is better and no more bogging down while going uphill.

The Fuel pressure was checked and was told it fluctuates a little bit but not enough to cause any issues and a compression check came back clean.

The idle also has a tendency to stick though after accelerating and I put it in neutral it will stay around 1400 unless I tap the gas pedal and it will drop down to 7-900 RPM's. I can't figure this out... I think it might be my IAC sensor, or could the other cat be the culprit of this?

This is my first eclipse and I love it, but it is driving me nuts.

Thanks for the help!
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