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ignition timing

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i tried searching this but couldnt come up with anything specific.

is there a way to advance ignition timing without going through the ecu (as in adjusting cps or something to that nature?)

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well i was plannin on sellin it and buyin a 79 camaro this summer, but my parents ruined any hopes i had of that, so i guess i gotta live with what i got. i know i wont gain hardly anything at all, i dont wanna spend the money on boost to have an un-reliable daily driver, i just want a little bit of a gain and if i can get that for free, then why not?
you 6 cyl guys are always breaking our balls :bat:
I'm a v8 guy :D, the v6 is my daily. i have a 90 firebird that's getting fitted with a little 383 (6.3 liter) v8 and a 287/287 cam, take that evo :fawk:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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