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So as of recently, I'm the owner of an 02 GT. It's super dope! But it's got some problems... some I won't mention because I searched em and found em, but there's a couple-

-The sunroof cover is broken. It looks like it used to be two pieces? that slid? but now they're seperated. I can slide them both, but itd be cool to reattatch them. How?

-The door handles on both side are toast. I have no idea how. one side is all loose and the clear coat's going, the other side the clear coat's almost gone. The car's that deep metallic red.. is there somewhere I can find color matched replacements online? local scrapyards were a no go.

-A couple spots (where the previous owner... who was kind of a nimrod) look like they've been powerwashed so many times the paint's coming off. Nothing bigger than the top of a thumbtack. Can I buy a little touch up paint?

And finally... The stereo system is toast. It's wired for subs and has a box for 2 12" subs. (I might put money down on these, If anybody's got advice how much RMS/max I need that'd be cool but it's not really the issue) But otherwise- The front center speaker works and one speaker in the back works... sometimes. I haven't taken the deck out (it's aftermarket.. eclipse CD3200 I think) but I'm just wondering if wiring these is gonna be a huge pain. I've never done it before.


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I don't think that "super dope" is the right way to describe a 3G... anyway, welcome. Posting pictures will help the members solve any of your problems.

If the door handles are "toast" put some butter on and have them for breakfast.
(look in the for sale thread for anyone parting a car that's your color)

I got my touch-up paint from my local Mitsu Dealer.

As for the stereo system, again, butter it up and Nom Nom Nom. jk, I don't know anything about stereos

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