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Infinity 3-1/2" Reference Speaker

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Hey Club 3G:

I just had my blown infinity center speaker replaced with a 3-1/2" Infinity 3022cf reference speaker and it sounds awesome! I found it on the Best Buy website and it was on sale, so I went to Best Buy and had them match the price of $68 for the two speakers (they are only sold in a pair). I then went to Best Buy's car stereo dept. to have it installed and the jerk install manager stated that he couldn't install it, because it was a 4ohm speaker and it will not work. I showed him the box to prove that it is indeed a 2ohm speaker and then he said that he installed 3 before including in his own eclipse and it sounded like shit :dunno: Anyways, I went next door to Circuit City and met this cool installer who would gladly install it for $68 total. (I don't have a dremmel so I had no choice but to have them install it). This center speaker is way better than the original and it compliments the other infinity speakers well. Anyone that needs one go to Best Buy. By the way Circuit City does not carry a 2ohm 3-1/2" speaker. Otherwise, I would have just purchased it there.
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i didnt have a dremel eather so i used a mettle scraper/ sander thing and it worked just fine, just tiring
I put that in my car just to upgrade and I had to cut the housing to fit. When you turn it up real loud you can hear it "open up" and it sounds so so great. Sell the other on here like I did. Mine sold super quick btw.
It's especially important when you're listening to anything that's in mono -- like talk radio, a ballgame, commercials, etc.
Hey All:

I went out and bought this speaker to replace my center speaker today. Thanks to the instructions in the How To Section, I used a dremmel (actually a Black and Decker Wizard - Same Difference) to cut the opening to size, and got it installed. Only one mistake - drilled a hole in the wrong place for one of the screws. Thought it was the mark - turned out the mark was a half inch over - see pics. Not a big deal though.

To me, the sound is a little bright withthe new speaker. It's a two way and the original was a single speaker - so I think that has something to do with it. Otherwise, it sounds fine with a little adjusting on the EQ - bumping the mid and treb down one notch. Finally I can listen to talk radio on XM again and NO BUZZING! :)

I am wondering if there are any alternatives out there that might be closer to the original stock in sound. Call me a perfectionist if you will.

I'm also thinking of putting some cheesecloth or foam on the back side of the bezel cover. I noticed when removing the stock that it had a fabric cover on top - and am thinking that might knock down the highs enough that the tweeters take a little more presidence. Thoughts? :dunno:

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