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Ingalls with Megan Strut Bar?

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I don't like the look of the stock strut bar but I'm deff going to get a ingalls stiffy so I was wondering if anyone has sucessfully gotten the megan strut bar and combined it with the stiffy. It looks like the bar mounts on the inner and back studs while the ingalls could be installed on the bracket from the stock strut bar using the inner and outter studs. This would mean that the stock bracket and the megan bracket would have to share a stud. Maybe with some pictures it will make a little more sense.

It seems to me that having the suspension, strut bar, and stiffy all putting some amount of force on that one bolt in all different directions might cause some problems. Also having overlapping brackets is probably not a great idea either. I also don't know if it's even long enough to accomodate both brackets. I was just looking for everyone else's take on this.
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I would stick with the stock bar anyway just because of the fact that it mounts to the cowl area. Who cares what it looks like it is a better design.
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