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Intake Manifold

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Just putting this question out there. i was just looking around on ebay and i saw a intake manifold for a v6 tiburon 2.7 liter but it looks like it would fit but im not sure would anyone know?:sam:

would it fit a my v6 3.0 liter 2002 3g? for got to mention that above haha.
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No, search next time.
i actually search but it helps and saves time if you ask questions too
i actually search but it helps and saves time if you ask questions too
No it helps clutter the forums :bigthumb:. Stick to searching.
What's your objective? Different shape? Better look? More airflow? If more airflow, what supporting mods do you have to get the most benefit from it?

Like suggested - search. The options for upper intake plenums that bolt up for GT owners are pulling one from a GTS or using the one from the Diamante. Otherwise, you will be having something fabricated.
well i have a cold air intake and im looking for better airflow for more power. fabricating an intake manifold will prob be out of my range, and i looked on tearstone and they have one but its like $1200 it may be worth it but i couldnt afford that.
Yea you don't need one, espcially since you only have a CAI. Get a good set of headers, a catback, and other minor upgrades and sure it might make a difference. Though it'll make its biggest difference if you go FI.
i have megan headers too
dosent megan headers mean ebay headers
u sure you aren't thinking of OBX? :squint:
i have megan headers too
Look into the Diamante upper manifold and follow that up with a Diamante throttle body for a matching inlet hole size. Both are beefier than the Eclipse GT/GTS parts. Using a GTS manifold is easy enough but you would need to purchase and install an RPM window switch in order to take full advatage of the GTS manifold butterly valve (opens at higher RPM for more power but must be closed @ lower RPMs to make better power/torque).
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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