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Is it too late to...?

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Good afternoon members. I recently ran my `00 Eclipse GT [Auto] @ Moroso...the 1/4 results were embarresing (or, normal?). My best time was 16.1. The only engine mod(s) I have is an Injen CAI. Anyhow, I desire much more hp than I currently have. My question is: Is it too late to run boost [turbo kit] on my 3G considering it has accquired 70k miles? Thank you in advance for any input to such an inquiry.
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Zalec said:
thats impressive you got 150k out of your stock motor. i wonder how long the 6g72 will last me.
150k? not really IMO. The 4g64 is just a bored and stroked 4g63 (IIRC) and that engine was designed to get the shit beat out of it.
Well, I know, but my point was that the 4g64 was based heavily off of and designed from that engine...should have been more specific, I'm just not thinking straight tonight...physics test pooned me :mecry:
:fawk: I've got 2 more years left. But at least this is my last semester of classes I don't need. LIKE PHYSICS FOR ENGINEERING MAJORS WHEN IM NOT EVEN AN ENGINEER. Why a comp. science in software design (think, programming) major needs 2 semesters of physics for engineers, I will never know.
I guess....Still, they could stop making me exercise it at that, and not have to also take bio and chem :scream: oh well, nothing I can do about it excpet take the classes and pass them. I don't mind taking some of the classes like pyschology, that was fun. But some of the crap they make you take is just stoopid. Anyway, lets get this thread back on track.

I agree that if you keep your engine tuned and take very good care of it, you should be able to get lots of miles out of it, N/A or not.
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