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Is it too late to...?

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Good afternoon members. I recently ran my `00 Eclipse GT [Auto] @ Moroso...the 1/4 results were embarresing (or, normal?). My best time was 16.1. The only engine mod(s) I have is an Injen CAI. Anyhow, I desire much more hp than I currently have. My question is: Is it too late to run boost [turbo kit] on my 3G considering it has accquired 70k miles? Thank you in advance for any input to such an inquiry.
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NAPALM said:
There are more differences than that between the two engines. For example; The 64 has a higher compression ratio and an ECU that was not designed around a turbo system. The lower end may be SIMILAR but, they are very different otherwise. SO for the engine to last any considerable amount of miles under boost is VERY impressive when it was not designed for it. Also remember that my turbo system had NEVER even been tuned. I installed it, turned up the boost to 8PSI and ran it. I even ran it at 10-12psi for a few weeks.

My engine looked damn near perfect when it was torn apart, even at 150K miles. I couldnt be more pleased with the capabilities and performance of this motor. This engine can last up to 200K under boost easily if it is not rediculously abused, is well taken care of, and receives a good tune. I wouldnt be surprised to see 300K if it never gets boosted.
Isn't it also true that the pistons in the 64 are stronger than the pistons in the 72?
hahahaha :fawk: i mean that the pistons withstand boost a little better than the 72's pistons :bash:
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