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Is it too late to...?

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Good afternoon members. I recently ran my `00 Eclipse GT [Auto] @ Moroso...the 1/4 results were embarresing (or, normal?). My best time was 16.1. The only engine mod(s) I have is an Injen CAI. Anyhow, I desire much more hp than I currently have. My question is: Is it too late to run boost [turbo kit] on my 3G considering it has accquired 70k miles? Thank you in advance for any input to such an inquiry.
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I installed the turbo at about 140K Its around 151K now I think. Thats when the engine came out.

The engine looked CLEAN when it was torn down. The only signs of wear were a couple of stuck piston rings.

I dont know how well the v6 holds up, but the 4G64 is the SWEETNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are more differences than that between the two engines. For example; The 64 has a higher compression ratio and an ECU that was not designed around a turbo system. The lower end may be SIMILAR but, they are very different otherwise. SO for the engine to last any considerable amount of miles under boost is VERY impressive when it was not designed for it. Also remember that my turbo system had NEVER even been tuned. I installed it, turned up the boost to 8PSI and ran it. I even ran it at 10-12psi for a few weeks.

My engine looked damn near perfect when it was torn apart, even at 150K miles. I couldnt be more pleased with the capabilities and performance of this motor. This engine can last up to 200K under boost easily if it is not rediculously abused, is well taken care of, and receives a good tune. I wouldnt be surprised to see 300K if it never gets boosted.
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littleman54321 said:
Well, I know, but my point was that the 4g64 was based heavily off of and designed from that engine...should have been more specific, I'm just not thinking straight tonight...physics test pooned me :mecry:

....oh...the good ole days...Im so glad tests, and writing papers, projects, etc is all behind me. :fawk:
littleman54321 said:
:fawk: I've got 2 more years left. But at least this is my last semester of classes I don't need. LIKE PHYSICS FOR ENGINEERING MAJORS WHEN IM NOT EVEN AN ENGINEER. Why a comp. science in software design (think, programming) major needs 2 semesters of physics for engineers, I will never know.
...for the same reason I had to take Sociology and Economics to get a degree in Electronics Engineering. BECAUSE THEY ARE COCKLICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its good for you though, its excercise for the mind. :twothumb:
ryu said:
With a stock 6g72 engine the maximum possible boost you can run is 12psi give or take. At that point the only thing that breaks the pistions, excluding detination ofcourse, is "chatter" between the piston and the ring which will cause the piston to break right around ring land. If you regap the piston rings to make the gap larger you can run higher boost. The most ive heard of being run successfully on stock pistons after the regap is 16psi.
Whoa. Thtas a mighty gay flaw in such a vital engine component.
Well the reason I say its a flaw is becuase, the rings are still chattering around even when its not boosted. But since the engine isnt being pushed hard(close to its limits) it never really becomse a problem.

But they shouldnt be chattering around so much in the first place ya know?
JoesInBoston said:
So since you obviously seem to be an expert in the 6G72, why did you seem suprised when someone mentioned the "flaw".......
1) I have a 4cyl (GS).
2) I am not an "expert" in either one.
3) I didnt even know about this ring problem with the v6 until Ryu told me.

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