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Hey I finally built up the courage to put my car on here. I've been stalking people all through this forum for the last year, and I think everything I have done to my 3G is in good taste. So here it is:



30% tint on side windows, 15% on rear hatch window
Nightshaded all exterior lights except headlights
Painted fake vents black
Painted Little Trim Pieces behind rear side windows black
Replacement front bumper, painted black in my garage... hehe
Replaced rear emblem with black/chrome one
Black Mitsubishi Motors Emblems on Fenders
Black 'Mitsubishi Eclipse' decals in bumper engraving
Shitty Walmart License Plate cover
18x8" ASA AR1 Black w/ Machined Lip
225/40r18 Continental Extreme Contact DW (not DWS) Tires
Black Depo Replacement Headlights

Suspension & Brakes:

Tein S-Tech lowering Springs
KYB AGX's all around
DC Sports front strut bar
ST rear sway bar
All new bushings
Moog front sway bar endlinks
Brembo Sport EVO 500 Brake Fluid
Hawk Quiet Slot Rotors
Hawk HPS Street Pads
New brake lines from Midas (no idea what brand)
Rebuilt Drums (Soon going to be disks)


Rebuilt by the dude I bought it from in 2011
27k miles since rebuild
always run synthetic Castrol Syntec GTX... fancy words fancy words with K&N oil filters - since mile 1
K&N Short Ram Intake
Gutted Catalytic Converter
NGK ignition
--and in the mail right now, getting installed next week:
Magnaflow Catback
ZEX Wet nitrous kit w/ bottle warmer, blow off valve, purge kit, remote bottle opener, interior pressure gauge, and window switch. (running a 55 shot)


Alpine Head Unit (no idea which one)
Infinity speakers all around (no idea which ones)
Almani 1100 watt dual channel AMP
8" Kicker CVR in custom built box by SoundPro in Rapid City, SD
Sound Proofed trunk, wheel wells, and doors.

and of course, I flush all my fluids every 10k miles, and change the oil every 5k.

When I first got the car:

How the Raider-mobile sits now:

All the pictures taken during the day, were taken the day before I got the windows tinted.

I'm open to all critique and criticism.. and thanks for letting me be part of this forum, it's really made a huge difference on my car, and on my life. Thank you

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I like the wheels, but why paint the bumper black?
Also tinted tails are a bad idea imo.
My previous bumper was kinda messed up... had paint damage, and a large portion of the left side ripped off. The pics don't show it because I was trying to hide it...

and I found some super bright bulbs for my tails, and it seems to be working, cause I'm the only one of my friends who hasn't been pulled over for the tinted tails... and we all have the same tint and stuff

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Blow off valve for a nitrous setup? Huh?
It's a release valve that blows off the nitrous pressure if my solenoid goes out, or the fuel pump fails, or something goes wrong, so that it stops feeding in juice, and saves my engine from damage. Also stops the nitrous from continuing to flow any extra after I disengage it, preventing the nitrous from pooling up in my intake manifold. --just an extra precaution.

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The ride is really rough actually. I have them set to 2 all around, and after long rides my back starts to hurt... And I'm 18. Granted, the roads here in SD are shit, but I don't remember it ever being this uncomfortable before. The AGX's will wear out much quicker if you set them at 1 on lowered springs, but if you want a mushy ride, you might have to resort to that.

I also have low profile tires though, so that might be contributing to the roughness
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