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Just Ordered some new tires

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What's up everyone. I needed new tries pretty bad so I ordered some new ones. I ended up getting Direzza DZ101's. for 84 each at Sam's. has them for 79 so I'm over paying just alittle. I was close to getting the Firehawk Wide Oval ones but I had Dunlop SP Sport FM901's before and I liked those and the Direzza has better reviews than the 901's so I went with those. I will post up my opinion of them when I get them on Thurs. o yeah UI just went with the stock 205/55/16 I was gonna get the 215/55/16 but they said it would take longer to come in.
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Sounds good, when you do get them in take some pictures of how they look and post up your reactions in the Parts Review section.

Was the TireRack price including shipping? Because people often dont take that into consideration when they compare it with tire shops.
I dont' know about the Tirerack includes shipping or not but I waited 10 days for the DZ101's and they ended up just getting 3 in. I was pissed to say the least. So I got a Refund and went to Discount Tire and they got me some 215/55 16 for BF G-Force Sports for 421 so I got better wider tires for $1 dollar less and they had them in stock Woot :woot:
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