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Updating Thread (adding\removing) 09-07-11

I have to let go all the spare parts so I can continue to fund my restoration. All prices negotiable. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I will be adding more parts as I unbox\locate them. Everything I have listed I have on hand are ready to ship.

6G72 Timing belt kit (Hyd tensioner,pullies,belt,pump)--OBO
2x Eddie Bauyer Window tint (child sun visor)------------10 shipped
4x Prothane Tie Rod Replacement Boot Ends-------------7.50+ shipping per set
2x Spectre Vacuum hose dress up ends-----------------5+ shipping
6g72 Plenum-------------------------------------------50 shipped
6g72 Throttle body w/ sensors--------------------------65 shipped
-------------------w/o sensors-------------------------35 shipped
-------------------IAC only-----------------------------40 shipped
-------------------TPS only----------------------------30 shipped
6g74 Throttle body (missing TPS)------------------------70 shipped
-------------------w/o sensors-------------------------50 shipped
-------------------IAC only-----------------------------45 shipped
6g72 A/T Sensor A (speed a)----------------------------35 shipped
6g72 A/T Sensor B (speed b)----------------------------35 shipped
6g72 Engine speed sensor-------------------------------35 shipped
6g72 MAP Sensor---------------------------------------35 shipped
6g72 Shifter Sensor-------------------------------------35 shipped
GT strut bar w/ side brackets----------------------------50 shipped
Aftermarket Strut bar and hardware----------------------45 shipped
Eclipse Stock Rear Spoiler (Pearl)-------------------------60+shipping
Eclipse GSX Rear Spoiler (Primed Black)-------------------100+shipping
Eclipse 00-02 Front Blinkers------------------------------20 shipped
Eclipse 00-02 Tail lights----------------------------------40 shipped
Eclipse 00-02 reverse lights------------------------------25 shipped
Eclipse 00-02 3rd brake light------------------------------25 shipped
SS Wide body Wheel Well kit-----------------------------75+shipping
Plastic Gas door-----------------------------------------20 shipped
Various Brackets and Barbs-------------------------------OBO
Relays and fuses----------------------------------------OBO
LED blinker resisters-------------------------------------OBO
Misc. Lamps and LEDS-----------------------------------OBO
Prothane Front Motor Mount w/ bracket-------------------45 shipped
---------------------------Insert only--------------------30 shipped
---------------------------Bracket only------------------15 shipped
---------------------------Everything and pressed-------55 shipped
Transmission side motor mount bracket--------------------15 shipped
Trunk CD Changer----------------------------------------25+ shipping
OEM v6 torque converter (70k miles)----------------------50+ shipping
2x Ingalls +2 Front Camber Kit (w\ spare washers) -------PENDING!!
1x Eclipse Stock Rear Bumper(Pearl) --------------------SOLD!!
Eclipse GT 10 spoke silver Rim --------------------------SOLD!!
Yokahama 215 50 17 Tire------------------------------SOLD!!
Eclipse 00-02 Blinkers Euro Clear(faded) ---------------SOLD!!
AEM metal MAF adapter plate w/ coupler--------------SOLD!!
Air intake System (stock) ----------------------------SOLD!!
Eclipse headlights (used) -----------------------------SOLD!!
Eclipse 00-02 GrillMaster Front Black grill---------------SOLD!!
16x Tuner 5point Lugnuts w/fitted key-----------------SOLD!!
Tan Dash Cover---------------------------------------SOLD!!
Eclipse 02 Foglights-----------------------------------SOLD!!
Carbon Fiber Gauge overlay---------------------------SOLD!!
Venom 400-------------------------------------------SOLD!!
Lowering springs--------------------------------------SOLD!!
OBX Carbon Fiber exaust (used) -----------------------SOLD!!
4mm vacuum hose end dress up------------------------SOLD!!
3/8" Stainless Steel Hose------------------------------SOLD!!
Headlight covers (Carbon fiber pattern) ----------------SOLD!!
Carbon fiber radio pod--(needs to be repaired) ---------SOLD!!
Dual Empty Speaker box -------------------------------SOLD!!
10"Sub box-------------------------------------------SOLD!!

Things I need and will trade for or will buy from you:

DC Front Strut Bar
DC Rear Strut Bar
ST Rear Sway bar
Redstuff Ceramic Front disc brakes
Chassy Stiffen Kit (megan, complex, or D3)
Alum. Radiator supports
Alum. Battery tie downs
Megan Racing Trailing arms
Fenders (perfer duraflex or metal but fiberglass is ok)
Powered\Heated Side View Mirrors
Black Cabin Carpet
Black Headliner
Black Visors
Black Seat Belts
Black Bench Seats
Black Leather front seats with side air bags
Black Trunk Pieces
Black Interior Cabin Pieces

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I want the Carbon Fiber Gauge overlay so pm me your info and is it black cf or silver cf?
It is Black. sorry the flash kinda screwed the picture up. I bought the overlay last month and it has just been sitting here still in its plastic packing. I have a son on the way in the next couple weeks so I dont see myself installing this with all the other stuff I have to still do to my car. I will ship it out as soon as you send payment.

If memphisraines doesn't take the bezel, I will, and I'll even pay for shipping. Just pm me if his deal falls through.
I will let you know later tonight when I get back if he has responded back.

i like the way you broke the prices down.

free bump.
Thanks. Put it together while falling asleep. It was really bugging me that it looked like crap and it wouldnt space it out because of the BB thread restrictions.

GOOD MORNING! Added Front Prothane Motor Mount.....

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I want the Carbon Fiber Gauge overlay so pm me your info and is it black cf or silver cf?
If memphisraines doesn't take the bezel, I will, and I'll even pay for shipping. Just pm me if his deal falls through.
MOTHEREFFER! Everytime I see something I want in a FS thread someones already got it! And I want clear turns but everyone who has them FS has them for an 00-02. :rant2:

Anyway, GLWS. What type of lowering springs do you have?

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Interested in LEDs and resistors.

PM me price?

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Pm sent.

ok kool what is you paypal info for payment?
Its in the first post: [email protected]
Shoot me a message with your address and let me know when the payment is sent and I will ship the part out. Thanks for your interest.


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money sent
Overlay is now sold. Thank you. I will finish packing it up and get back to you with shipping details.

Some items are pending. Awaiting return message about a possible trade. Yes I am willing to trade if you have something i want or need. (which is alot so feel free to ask)

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Venom, lowering springs, exaust, ss hosing, and vacuum line ends all sold. (1st post cleaned up.)


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New items. Gotta love finding shit you forgot about.. :p

Overlay was picked up this morning
Venom, exaust, springs, hosing, hose ends go out today in the afternoon....

(ok time for bed)

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The exaust, venom 400, springs, ss lines, and vacuum ends might go back up for sale. there was a mixup on my end and I got confused with what was going on.

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worked it out.. The exaust, venom 400, springs, ss lines, and vacuum ends are sold. Being shipped in the am. BTT!
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