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Keeps jumping time

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Ok I've got a 03 spider 3.0 was cruising home when started running bad like bad gas finally shut down and into safe mode , my problem now is I inadvertently pulled the hydraulic tensioner lose while chasing down a oil leak and it dropped out of time now everything I get everything lined up and back together go to start and it'll jump time again
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Sounds like you don't have enough tension on the timing belt. With the new timing belt and timing belt tensioner in place, you have to adjust the pulley so that it applies tension. With the pulley properly set, the grenade pin should be loose in the tensioner.
You don't have to use a torque wrench, but you do need to apply force while tightening the tensioner pulley.

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When you put the belt on you need ALL of the slack on the side with the tensioner, sometimes you need to roll one cam a half tooth over to get the belt to catch onto the teeth then roll everything back a little to put the slack over on the tensioner side.
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