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kenwood ddx512 wallpaper?

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Does anyone know how to remove that god-awful blue wallpaper with the stars on it? When I have an album without album art and I click on the photo icon, I get

that default blue background. I tried to change it with SRC+EJECT+RESET, OEM wallpaper, but it won't change.

Any suggestions?

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you need a thumb drive and insert into the usb slot. go to settings, then user interface, then in user backround select memory and then just choose the background image you saved to the thumb drive. The image needs to be 480x234 in order to take up the whole screen.
image needs to be 480x234 in order to take up the whole screen.
Thanks. I tried 480x234, but it is not nowhere near perfect. the ratio is off somehow.
yea, I know.Mine looked real off on the computer but when i transfered it, it wasn't as bad. I called kenwood and they said that was the ratio to use.
try a better resolution?
Ive tried a ton of different resolutions, but the one that the kenwood rep gave me was the only one that worked. If you don't mind it not taking up the whole screen then you can use a resolution that wont distort it. It still takes up a majority of it, but it was still enough to bother me.
Try to format the image a little taller then what they said. Add a white boarder on the top and bottom of the image. If the headunit puts the extra length (wide boarder) off the screen the image should look better.
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If the white boarder is seen on the headunit then you need to try to format the image in wide screen. If I remember right go higher then 16:9.
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