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Koni rear shocks height adjustment

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I have had Koni Yellows and Intrax for many years on my GT. Lately, new speed bumps are installed in the parking lot. I can go through speed bump #1 and #3 and circumvent #2 most of the time using vacant parking spots. But if no vacant spots I can go through is available, the front goes through speed bump #2 fine but it scraps the bottom of the car about halfway. (I have always suspected that the rear lowered too much and even more so than the front - this may have confirmed it.)

I didn't remember what my mechanic did, but there's supposed to be 2 or 3 settings for the rear and the spring perch can sit at different heights.

Which height setting would correspond to stock?

How does the height adjustment affect ride quality, the odds of bottoming out, and handling?

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It's been a while, but you're right, there are two locations that you can position the lower spring perch. Or - there are possibly two orientations that you can put a piece on. It's been too long and I can't remember the details, but youre a right that there are two options. I think you put a circular clip around an indentation in the strut body, and then slid the lower spring perch down to it? Maybe there were two indentations? I just can't remember any more, I put mine on too long ago.

I'm pretty sure that the lower location / positioning matched stock. I can't remember how much range you have though, not sure if you'd be able to tell by jacking up a corner and having a look. Possibly a picture of one online may give you something.

Changing the location for the lower spring perch will directly change the ride height by the same amount. Ride quality shouldn't change because you won't be changing the spring rate or anything else, same for odds of bottoming out since you won't change the suspension travel, only the positioning of it. Center of gravity in relation to the rear axle will adjust a bit but not likely enough for you to notice or care.

What springs do you have? The Pro-Kit tends to drop the back a bit more than the front. This of course depends on your engine and tranny type as well, in how it affects weight distribution and how much force it puts on the springs and affects static ride height. Tein H-techs are lowering springs, but probably give you the least lowering of the bunch. Phil posted some pictures of his car in this area about a month ago, you could have a look and see if that might suit you better.

Also, how's it going, long time no see.
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Thanks Tracer Bullet and long time no see! My strings are Intrax and it would be even more so than Eibach for lowering the rear more than the front. I have a heavy sub in the hatch which may have made the rear lower than the front.

I jacked up the rear and confirmed there were 2 grooves on the shocks and I am on the lower groove. I think I am going to raise to the upper one.

I hate having to do that because I would be wasting suspension travel that way. Could have used a longer spring with a higher spring rate to make use of that 1 inch or so but I am probably too tired to do any further experimentation.

Shame on me, the Koni's were turned to the least stiff for all 4. Bitesize drove it a few years ago when she was in Vancouver and commented on the handling pretty negatively. I also told myself I was "done" with the stereo so haven't really worked on anything on the car for years, just enjoying driving it. Haven't kept up on all these navigation, in-car PC, iPod, DVD and stuff. Lately I was more into photography and started a camera service company called "conurus".
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I don't think you'll lose any travel... you move the lower perch up an inch, and the strut shaft will just extend an inch to compensate. The car will raise, as the upper spring perch moves up. And it will move up, because the car is still the same weight and the spring is still the same rate.

The only way you'd lose suspension travel is if the lower perch moved, but the upper did not (and the car did not raise at all). But it will...

Glad to hear you are doing well -
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