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KYB-AGX and Tein

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I have adjustable KYB-AGX struts and Tein lowering springs .. I order strut bellows and bump stops but they do not fit.. The set I have are from Monroe and they say they fit form 00 to 05 but i can not get the bump stop past the little black collar near the top of the strut . I did a search here and found information but with no definite answer .
Is there any one with this same set up .. can you point me to the correct bellow and bump...
2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Suspension Strut Bellows | TheWrenchMonkey Canada
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That is not a silly question... and to answer all I can say is "A fool and his money are easily parted " I ordered these bellows from Rockauto . If I had checked further into the details of the product I would have seen they do not fit my Eclipse or the KYB struts... At the bump stop is discontinued . The KYB bellows they offer at is the same part number for both front and rear. The shaft on the front strut is twice the size of the rear so I can`t see how these would work . show the bump stops (which have been discontinued ) have different numbers and this is what is confusing me. I now have about $150 tied up in strut bellows that are useless to me. This is the reason I call out to my fellow 3G`ers
Thank you for your response but I do not believe the black collar is removable .. The assembly of the rear strut has a cup that sit over the bump stop and the hole in it is only big enough to bring it down to that black collar so I assume the bump stop must go past this mark... I have been working on this problem for a year now with no luck. .. There is nothing wrong with the struts in the car now but I am trying to lower it a bit to get rid of the gap between the tire and fender. Right now it looks like a 4x4..
Every thing you said makes perfect sense... I did see a guy on You Tube that put a zip tie at the bottom of the boot . and when he installed this the bump stop looked loose so it traveled easy on the shaft . This was done on a completely different vehicle but I assume it would work the same on any car... Also i saw a video where the guy explains where to cut the original bump stop to work with lowering springs. He said if you lower it 1 1/2 " the you need to cut that same amount from the bump stop.. Again I did`t pay much attention because it was not on a Mitsubishi .. and I can`t remember if he installed the top or bottom of that bump stop... I guess what I am saying is I did not want to cut / assemble / install any thing until I saw it done on a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT. Money don`t come easy so I did not want to mess any thing up and have to replace what I already purchased... I will be prepared with caster / camber kits just in case they are needed when I go for a wheel alignment..
You have been very helpful to me ( only one that responded to my post ) with pertinent information ...Thank you
Best of luck with the paint job and maintenance.. Again ............Thank You
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Here is the whole story .. Tein lowering springs drop the car 1 1/2 " The original tire is 215 / 50 / 17 = 25.5 " tire ....... If I run 215 / 65 / 17 = 28.0 " tire that will raise the body back up 1 1/4 "
The difference is only 2 1/5" in tire height which would equate to 1 1/4 " either side of the rim to raise the car back up again ..and with difference in tire height and the lowering spring I should be able to get rid of that ugly 4x4 look. There may be a chance the tires could rub on the inside so I may need to use a wheel spacer to bring it out again.. Now there may be a chance the tires will rub on the outside so I may need to roll the fender well lip... Are we having fun yet ... I will be taking picture , maybe even a video.. of each step in my process so I can add it to the site . I want to have all my ducks in a row so I don't make a dame fool of myself...Parts / procedures / step by step... that`s my goal with known results . Did I mention a may upgrade my ECM to an 02 so I can ...oh .. never mind..
Thank you for all your assistance ..
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One thing I have learned in life is to have patients ... you know...measure twice --cut once .. I did try with a body kit and ended up with a bunch of crap that sit`s on my balcony . I was only able to use the front bumper lip .. The side skirts need to much body work to be used and the same with the rear bumper lip.. There are no clips on either so how the heck do you mount them. I am not a body man and it`s to expensive to have this done. The kit itself was not that much money but to have it shipped to me from Cali was nearly $600.
I am a retired upholsterer of 45 years. I re-upholstered the seats myself . They are Tan Plush velour with swede inserts . I also installed a new top .
Yes.. my car will have a simulated dual exhaust .. The picture you see in my profile is a mock up of what needs to be done. I have already cut the bumper for the second muffler and it will be installed when the car comes out of storage... The muffler shop recommended the Dynomax turbo thrush mufflers . It will be a working muffler to simulate a dual exhaust system. I will get a video of the before and after sounds.. I want a throaty sound with a bit of low drown .. not that fart can the kid`s are using nor do I want it to sound like my sewing machine .
All in all I am going for the look of the vehicle ... don`t care for performance ... I just want it to look good. My bud said I should be able to pick up the chicks when it`s all done.. I said " I`m about to turn 70 years old.. yea .. I could throw her walker in the trunk and off we go . ;)
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I was finally able to assemble a front and rear strut using the Monroe bump stops . after watching a number of youtube videos on this subject and with help from @Sisyphus58 .

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There are two type of AGX ... one has the dial you mention and the other has a slot in the top with numbers 1 to 4. 1 being soft and 4 being firm ... This is adjusted with a short screwdriver supplied ..All of the struts where set at 2 and I left it there
I got good news from my storage unit.. I can get my car on Thursday...
First I will get my exhaust done and the tackle the struts ...
Now that I know the assembly procedure I will take some pics of the steps to completion .
Just thought I would mention I intend on lengthening the strut boots. I will cut the top part that holds the bump stop and then split it down the middle.. I can then slid it into the spring unit and it should snap back into shape and wrap around the other one. With the accordion type shape it should stay in place . I would like to have the whole shaft covered..
Very good point.. I will wait to see what they look like..
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