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KYB-AGX and Tein

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I have adjustable KYB-AGX struts and Tein lowering springs .. I order strut bellows and bump stops but they do not fit.. The set I have are from Monroe and they say they fit form 00 to 05 but i can not get the bump stop past the little black collar near the top of the strut . I did a search here and found information but with no definite answer .
Is there any one with this same set up .. can you point me to the correct bellow and bump...
2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Suspension Strut Bellows | TheWrenchMonkey Canada
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Maybe a silly question, but why did you buy the bellow set from Monroe instead of the set from KYB, since you have KYB struts, right?
Maybe the black collar is removable?
I have preloaded Monroe quick-struts waiting to be put on my car and I looked at them closely. It appears that black collar would need to come off in order to slide the bump stop down the shaft. That collar sits flush against the mount when fully assembled, which makes sense, so either that collar is removable somehow or you have to really stretch the bump stop over it, using a lube that wont harm the rubber. I looked at some sites and the bellows/bump stop kit for the KYB Agx does appear to be the same for front and rear. I dont think the bellow diameter is an issue, though, but the bump stop hole diameter would be if the strut upper shaft diameter is different between the front and rear. However, since the bump stop is rubber, it shouldnt be that difficult to just drill/enlarge the hole to fit the larger diameter shaft.
IMHO, if you cant return the ones you bought, then you might as well modify them to make them work. Drilling the holes out on the bump stops will not affect their performance or purpose. In fact, it is better that they be loose on the upper shaft as long as you secure the bottom of the boot to the strut with a clamp. It is more important to not let the lower section of the shaft to become exposed. And the structure of the boot will keep the bump stop high enough on the shaft without having to secure it at the top (you want the top to remain free, otherwise it may tear if the strut expands too much). The bump stop isnt even needed until the very rare occasion where the strut bottoms out, like when you're playing Dirty Harry and going air-borne on the hilly streets of San Francisco. LOL

I may very well regret going with Monroe Quick-Struts on my 05 Spyder GT, but the installation is so much easier. And yeah, that 4x4 look is a little annoying, but I could always replace the springs to lower it no more than 1.5 - 2.0 inches without getting too involved with camber kits and worrying about wearing out my new axles. My priority right now is getting it repainted and routine maintenance. And when the mileage on this engine (only 90k) gets high enough, I'll think about getting real courageous and try my very first engine swap, assuming the frame withstands these northeastern winters.
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I wasn't even thinking about shortening the bump stop to accommodate for lowering springs, but that would make sense too. Obviously you would cut off the top of the bump stop, not the bottom bc you need that lip to fit snug on the bellow. I noticed that the length of the bellows is different from brand to brand, so that might make a difference in how much you cut off the bump stop. I doubt its an exact science, and again, its highly unlikely the strut will ever compress that much where the length of the bump stop will matter significantly. Keep in mind that cutting the bump stop will affect its cushioning strength, right? And it being too short might let the shaft compress possibly too much and blow your strut. So it probably shouldn't be shortened more than half its original length. I don't think the KYBs are designed for lowering springs, but obviously others here on Club3G have done it and have had good results, though I'd bet their struts wear out faster. But since money is a concern for you, buying good quality coilovers is not an option.
Anyway, watch out for those speed bumps after you lower it!!! There are actually quite a few in my town, including at the school where I work, not to mention the ruts in the dirt roads I often travel on to my fishing lowering mine is kinda impractical.
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It sounds like you've put a lot of thought and time into how you want it to look. I'm thinking it might be easier and cheaper to just mod the fenders, esp the fronts, to close up the extra space...maybe research some flare kits, or better yet, fabricate custom ones. With what they're able to do with 3D printing these days, anything is possible.
Btw, going with a higher tire ratio(65) might be a possibility with your abx struts/ springs, but not with stock. The stock front springs actually overhang the top of my front tires, so a taller ratio tire would rub without using a spacer. I think that's why guys typically go with bigger rims and lower ratio tires instead, not to mention the affect on the speedo and mileage, which I personally dont care about, but some tire shops do, even to the point of refusing to mount anything outside of oem specs.
As for myself, the best mod I've done was not performance related, but rather along the lines of comfort and aesthetics, and that was replacing my cloth seats with leather ones with lumbar support. My constantly aching back can now better handle the rather mediocre stock suspension.
Which reminds me, are your beige/red seats from the factory or custom? They look good in regards to contrast!!! And I noticed you have dual the second one just a dummy or is it an aftermarket?
Anyway, def post up some pics/vids when you make up your mind how to approach all this. I'm semi-retired and have more time and interest in car things lately....and I'm not worried about looking like a damn fool!!! LOL
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Nice job... but dont sue me if anything goes wrong. LOL

btw, I thought those were agx but I dont see any adjusting dials on them???
Once the struts are installed, they will compress (break in) over a coupla days and you might find that one boot will cover enough. I dont think splitting a boot is a good idea, and definitely wouldnt do it on the bottom section of the shaft. I suppose it might help above the bump stop a bit, but now you're talking zip ties to hold it together and its probably overkill anyway. Maybe wait till you see how much the car settles before getting crazy? Or keep playing and come up with a patent design that will make you millions!!!
Good luck.
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