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lectric injector problem

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Electric injector problem

my car is v6 MT
ok i did the diamante maniful swam and after i stared the car was idle i thought it was a vaccum leak so i used the scaner and show me this P0173 Fuel Trim Malfunction (Bank 2), so i find out injector number 2 had the injector ground wire was ripded from the enf of the clip, no way to fix it, so i just wire another clip and injector still not work, i took it to the mechanic and he test the wires and injector wires have power but do not have ground, i follow the wire and looks like is going streght to the ECM.

there any other way to check the ECM (Computer) why is not sending ground signal to the injector?

any body had this problem?
anybody can help me with this?
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If your ECU isn't grounding the injectors then you need to check it out or replace it. I'm not sure if its just the injector or your connector is grounding somewhere. Maybe the wire is damaged and touching metal.
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