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Before anyone has a fit, i did search everywhere before asking this. Not only on club 3g, but also using google.

I recently did the clock pod and HVAC's to blue with the circuit board looking size 74 LED's. I am about to order the LED's for the gauges now. I have searched everywhere trying to find out which bulb style works best and came up with the WLED - BHP6 - AC. Which is what I feel like would be best for eliminating hotspots. The problem is, they discontinued the darker blue line. They have the lighter blue, but I got the darker blue for my clock pod and HVAC's so I have to have the same color.

I really just need help finding the next best thing in the bulb style. I am willing to tape over the top pointing LED to eliminate the hot spot if I have to, which was recommended by someone in a post I read. I'm wanting to pay like $6 a piece or so at max. Can anyone shed some light on either another place to buy the WLED - BHP6 - AC's, or the next best bulb style?

Thanks ahead of time, and if I can get this thing done I'll put some pics up or something to show you guys how they worked out!
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