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License Plate Holder

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I decided I am going to "bin" my front license plate holder. The thing has been cracked and loose for years. Caught my pants leg on it for the last time walking past it in the garage. I have skinned my bare leg on that ugly "appendage" a few times too many. Parts on order. :censored: ...J.D.
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Where I live, I think a cop will make a U-turn in the middle of 4 lanes of traffic, and follow you for 2 blocks so he can ticket you for something like that. You would think they would have better things to do. I will post a picture when I get the rest of the parts. ...J.D.
I have ordered a simple bracket that mounts in the original 2 lower holes . Not sure what I will do to plug the other two holes yet. My car is no show car. It gets driven several times a month. It has been my personal car for 18 years. I am usually the only one that drives it. I have another car and a pickup to share the duties. Just never liked the ugly plastic thing on the front bumper. Looks tacky. ...J.D.
Perhaps get a front grille and attach the plate to it using bolts and wing nuts...
may need to trim the plate to fit?
Yeh. My first instinct was to fabricate something [I have a small machine shop and fabricating skills]. I am NOT going to pay $56 for the original one, but I was out of flat stock and the needed hardware. Sometimes the simplest solution is to spend $10. ...J.D.
I trashed it, but it was all cracked and had a couple of chunks missing. Sorry. Got the new pieces yesterday but did not have time to put it back together. ...J.D.
This project has been pushed to the back burner for now. I am not real happy how it looks, but other things have become a priority for the time being. Someone has broken into my mailbox for the third time this year, so I had to re-engineer the lock on the box to keep them from prying it open. I also have parts on order to rebuild one of the shower valve assemblies in the house. The shop is full of unfinished projects, so it is time to catch things up before I start anything new. The Eclipse continues to run well, so it will have to wait. ...J.D.
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Got back to the license plate holder today. I gave up trying to do something different. Found a new one on ebay [Part# MR478084]] Not cheap. Apparently there are 2 different ones. Mine has 4 mounting holes. I have seen some with 3.
I tapped the holes where the plate mounts with a M6X1.0 tap so I can use some tamper resistant button head cap screws.
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Yeh...Our neighborhood has really declined the last few years. That is why I put Allen head bolts on my license plates too. Discourage theft. Maybe I am a little over cautious, but better safe than sorry. Fixed the alarm system on the Spyder too. It did not work for years, but I did not used to worry. Was just a broken wire. This place is paid for, and I have 1.25 acres here and too much tooling and equipment to move anywhere else. ...J.D.
I have 2 locking garages, and it is parked inside at night. Same issue with my motorcycles. It is not when they are at home that you have to worry about. BTW: Electric fences are not legal here except in the rural zoning. I have lived in this state all my life. This USED to be rural zoning until all the influx of all the "low life" from all over the country and the planet. They bring their bad upbringing with them. ...J.D.
I have empathy for the 3yr. old "street urchins." I do not have empathy for the 20 somethings that are too lazy to get a job and buy their own stuff. ...J.D.
The electric fence I had here was 480 volt. I took it out years ago when I had kids living here. Not lethal unless you crank up the amperage. If you keep zapping yourself on an electric fence, you need to get a life [or a girlfriend]. ...J.D.
Well installed a motion detecting doorbell camera and upgraded outside lighting at the house due to the mailbox break-ins. Still does not protect my car when I am out and about at night, but the immobilizer and alarm system on the Spyder are now in good working order. ...J.D.
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They broke in again Saturday night. I swear, the cops in this town could not catch a drunk if he was sleeping it off. Total waste of taxpayers' money. ...J.D.
It is my rural mailbox they keep breaking into, not my house. It is happening all over town. If it were my house, someone would be doing the deep sleep by now. ...J.D.
I looked in to getting a P.O. Box. Seems like the Post Office has gotten greedy. They want over $200mo. lately. The guy does not whack it. He takes some kind of prybar to the door and bends it open in the middle of the night. About 5 times in just over a year. It is way out away from the house on a dark road out here. He has hit my friend's place down the road too. ...J.D.
Oh I have a lot of ideas, but I also have other things to spend my time on. He has pretty well wrecked THAT box. I have fixed it for the last time. The box is not on my property. That is city land out there. ...J.D.
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