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License Plate Holder

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I decided I am going to "bin" my front license plate holder. The thing has been cracked and loose for years. Caught my pants leg on it for the last time walking past it in the garage. I have skinned my bare leg on that ugly "appendage" a few times too many. Parts on order. :censored: ...J.D.
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I have ordered a simple bracket that mounts in the original 2 lower holes . Not sure what I will do to plug the other two holes yet. My car is no show car. It gets driven several times a month. It has been my personal car for 18 years. I am usually the only one that drives it. I have another car and a pickup to share the duties. Just never liked the ugly plastic thing on the front bumper. Looks tacky. ...J.D.
Perhaps get a front grille and attach the plate to it using bolts and wing nuts...
may need to trim the plate to fit?
Even if you were to post a warning sign, you can not do this. Imagine a three-year-old, not knowing any better, grabbed that handle. Now, how do you feel? I’m sure you are joking @Bitter
Italy has three year old street urchins pickpocketing the tourists at the Vatican!!!
They teach em young in da hood, too!
Btw, voltage can be adjusted...
I only touched my grandpa's electric fence on purpose once. The other times were for fun.
You know they're not lethal right?? It's not like there's just a cord plugged right into an outlet wired to your fence LOL!

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I touched one once and ended up looking like this...

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