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Lilliput FA1042 10.4" LCD/Touchscreen

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Curious if anyone has used the Lilliput FA1042 screen in a mobile enviroment before. I have one on order and will be molding it into my stereo bezel once it arrives. I ask for feedback as I see its specs state that it requires 11-13V in order to operate and that seems like a tighter than normal tolerance to me. My last Xenarc 10.2" LCD would work well with 9-16V. I do have a voltage regulator to help keep the volts stable to the LCD but I wasn't sure if this 11-13V spec is a sign of low quality or what.

Actual model I ordered: Lilliput FA1042-NP/C/T

Description: 10.4" 4:3 Stand-alone/Wall-mount TFT-LCD Touchscreen VGA Monitor

4-wire resistive Touchscreen with USB interface
VGA input: 15 pin D-SUB analog RGB interface (most computers use this)
PAL/NTSC color system
High resolution- display up to 1600x1200
Automatic display adjustment
High-Brightness CCFL Backlight
2 RCA video inputs, 1Audio Input (easy hookup for VCRs, DVD players, Game consoles)
Audio output
On Screen Display menu control (Multi-language)
Full-function infrared remote control
Speaker built-in

Key Specification:

Screen Size:
Diagonal 10.4 "

Dot Resolution (RGB):
800(H) x600(V) = 1,440,000 (dots)

Aspect Ratio:


LCD Brightness:
Viewing Angle: 45/60(U/D),65/65(L/R)

Operating Voltage: DC 11-13V
Power Consumption:

Dimension (mm):
252W x 185H x267D

Weight (kg):

VGA Signal cable
Video signal cable (Yellow and white)
Audio signal cable
Home AC Adapter
Remote controller

Thoughts? Experiences?

Oh, FWIW, I'll have the DB15 cable connected to my carputer and the aux in composite cable hooked to my rearview camera. I doubt I will use the audio at all ad may even remove the speaker from the unit to reduce the weight as much as possible.
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