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Is there anybody in/around Little Rock Arkansas that can do the evoflash? Or even yet, just do the ecu flash for an 03 gs eclipse 5spd?? It's turbo'd and it needs the evo flash pretty bad from what i've been reading on the forums here. I've got no problem paying for the services and what not, as long as it's fairly reasonable! Thanks and please get back to me if you can! I can't always check this forum as much as i want to because i'm in the airforce and hardly have time to do much of anything for that matter. So if you do have any information or who can meet up with me, let me know at [email protected]! Thanks guys! Bill
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bumped to forced induction
Hey since your in the LR area did you try Polk Performance in Benton/Bryant area? I know they got a Dyno and they do all sorts of other stuff, they may do that as well.
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