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my 2000 GT is missing the center shield under the engine, leaving it wide open but when I search for this piece all I find are the left and right pieces that a center cover would attach to to close up the underside,

I'm also looking for a black surround panel for the radio as mine is cracked in about a million places. Very Chrysler-ish interior quality or lack thereof...

Anyone with a third gen know where I can find this piece, I have a CAI and hate the HUGE opening under the engine plus would like to divert the usually leaks to this shield until I can take apart and fix the must-be-leaking rear valve cover gasket.

Woulb LOVE to torture the genius who thought taking apart the top half of the engine was a great idea for simple things like plugs, wires, dist cap and rotor much less the rear valve cover gasket.
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