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Looking for a front an rear bumper

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looking for a front an rear bumper i have a 01 rs let me know if anyone has anything. I am willing to pay for shipping, aftermarket or oem white preferably but i will take any color. Pm me with details or leave pics up in a post
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I have an xplosion rear for sale really cheap. I have a for sale thread just look it up.
I have an oem ultra red pearl, want 50 plus ship
I have a 2000 Saronno Red rear bumper off my GS for sale. Great shape. $80
i have a red front bumper in storage ill try to get a pic of it if u wanna give me 75 u can come pic it up im right over the CT mass line
I got a rear bumper for sale. oem. brand new in excellent condition hasn't even been painted yet. still primer black.
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