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Hello all,

I was tasked with selling my mother's 2003 Eclipse GT-S V6 Spyder 5MT with only 35k miles on it. I believe this is one of, if not, the lowest mileage 3G Spyder in the US. It's been garaged religiously, never driven in rain and has been stored every winter from October through April. The car has been taken care of at a dealer with oil changes at least yearly and the timing belt was replaced at the dealer's recommendation due to age.

Car is located in Cleveland, Ohio, but what value to ask is a bit of a weird one.

Tried posting in the for sale forum, but I figured I'd see what the interest level was, before settling on any specific price. $10,000 was my thoughts, but I'm open to discussion on what people feel they are worth anymore. seemed like a viable option as well, but there hasn't been any 3G's sold to really get a judge on value.

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