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Magnecore vs. Nology

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Wats up everyone. I have a 01 GT. Lookin to change my plugs and wires. Wat does everyone recommend on the plugs and wires. Thanks, Charles.
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iridium plugs, according to our resident tuner (logicgate) he has seen best performance from denso, and magnecore.
To be honest, the OEM wires are probably the best unless you are going upgrade your ignition system.

As far as plugs go, iridiums are good because they last long. They are NOT as good as coppers when it comes to the spark. Copper has a higher conductivity rating then iridium.

I'm looking into Pulse Plugs right now as a replacement for my copper ZEX plugs. I don't know how good they are, but that technology interests me. I started a thread on them, so have a look:
I've had bad experience with Magnecor wires and my MSD ignition system. Seems to induce misfires at around 8 PSI. Resistance on the wires was well within spec, but still awfully high. Far from a stock application, but YMMV

The BEST wires I've used were the OEM ones, but they would burn up prematurely with my MSD box. In lieu of the stock wires, I use Accels. 7922R is the part number for the red wires I have. 7922B for blue, 7922Y for yellow.
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