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2003 Kalapana Black Eclipse Spyder GTS - Mark II

Interior modifications:
Mignight interior
Black dashboard
Heated RX8 seats
Android head unit

Exterior modifications:
Evo VIII Wheels
Brembo brakes
Alloy fuel door
Tinted windows
Hideaway front plate - Currently MIA
Super awesome 4x4 mudflaps
"GTS" and "Spyder" emblem delete
Custom fender dimpling for aerodynamics
Completely botched paint job

Performance modifications:
Brembo brakes
235/45/17 tires
Mochi rear strut tower bar
Quaife Limited Slip Differential
Regeared long gear/long final drive transmission
Invidia N1 Catback exhaust
3.8L MIVEC engine
RRE Headers
AEM Short Ram Intake with 4.5" filter

Current goals:
Driver mod
Timing belt
Skyline tails

Future goals:
New front bumper (Paint)
Shave antenna (Paint)
Shave V6 emblems (Paint)
LED foglights
Color match wheels, fuel door, and headlights


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The real question is...did you beat that Mini?
Beat the Mini and a 2nd gen Teggy (Despite missing third). Lost the 1/8th to a Saab 900 who then let off before we finished the quarter. Lost by about half a car to a Prelude BB6, with unknown mods.

The entertaining one was my stock 5 speed, versus a white hardtop GT, with headers, cold air, and an automatic. I couldn't really see it, but probably 2 car lengths between us.
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