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Maybe a missing cable for crank sensor?

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I have a 2001 mitsubishi eclipse rs 2.4L that won't start. I replaced the starter, battery and spark plugs. Hoping someone can shed some light. It is cranking but ultimately won't turn over and start. Someone said it could be a bad crank position sensor? I was doing a little looking in my engine bay and found a cable that's unplugged and can't find the other end. Wondering if it's the problem.
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Had same turn-but-not-run issue. Culprit was immobilizer. You MUST push in clutch all the way in when crancking and the key must be original (it has RFID chip inside that is read by the immobilizer). You will see immo key light on the dash if the immobilizer is preventing ignition.

Immobilizer will pin all injectors to ground preventing fuel injection. Sparks will fire normally though.
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