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Maybe a missing cable for crank sensor?

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I have a 2001 mitsubishi eclipse rs 2.4L that won't start. I replaced the starter, battery and spark plugs. Hoping someone can shed some light. It is cranking but ultimately won't turn over and start. Someone said it could be a bad crank position sensor? I was doing a little looking in my engine bay and found a cable that's unplugged and can't find the other end. Wondering if it's the problem.
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Not too familiar with 2.4L, I have a 3.0L and, not surprisingly, the engines look vastly different. If the engine is cranking, but not starting you can try to spray some starting fluid into the air intake while someone cranks the car. If the car starts briefly, then you might have a bad fuel pump and that needs to be replaced. Not sure what that cable belongs to, but it looks like it connects to something with four prongs so it's probably important. Possibly an O2 sensor.
So I posted in another forum and someone said they have their cable hanging their too and it's factory for cruise control but my year and model doesn't have it so it's just kinda there. I've tried spraying starter fluid in while cranking it but it doesn't start at all. I'm getting a spark tester tomorrow to see if I'm having issues there, but also seems like I'm not getting fuel at the same time because even when I try to crank it, I check the spark plugs and they have no fuel on them. Any other ideas? Maybe I'm missing something. Appreciate all the help!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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