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Megan racing Lowering springs coils 06+

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Hi all

alright so heres the deal

im a member of TGC center ( galant owner ) and i also have a retail store up in canada quebec.

One of my clients ordered a megan springs set ( drop rate is 1.5 front and rear ) but turns out he doesnt want em anymore

so i thought someone in here might use em , its for Eclipse 06+

i wil do it at 115 shipped for you guys

, also u can contact megan racing and talk to Andy, he knows me and can vouch for my service and good prices

either pm me in here or contact me on my website at

the site is not perfect nor is it finished . but it keeps the prices down and the customers are happy with that
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I just want you to know this: Your website is horrible. I would not trust buying from there in a thousand years.
I agree with Rocky2. Looks kind of ehh..... I just wouldn't!!! Hot girls though.
yeah its in construction

i keep my expenses down by doing most of the work myself. Now i dont have a degree in programming and website creation ( i studied in accounting ) so im doing the applications list and the line card which is still ongoing. i am a new buisness only been opened for 7 months . most of my work is local here in quebec. but i know i can help you guys get the best prices for the parts you are looking for

heres a pic of my shop

and sorry for the mistake

its fixed now,
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bump for 100 shipped !!!
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