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Club3G Members, this forum description is:
Forum Description said:
General information about the 3G here...
please understand what that means before posting in here. General discussion is just that, general talk. Not the place to ask platform specific questions of a technical, purely regional, or beginner nature. So don't ask them here.

Also, of note is that the 3G came out in 1999. This forum has been in existence since 2000, you aren't going to be asking anything that hasn't been asked before. Keep that in mind before you post.

This forum is built upon stored general knowledge regarding the 3G. This isn't a place to ask how you should spend your money, what you should do with your car, or my car is broken what do I do, not which battery should I get, not which body kit should I get, not what do you think of these fog lights, not I want to paint my car myself but I have no idea how to do it as I have never done it before, nor is this the place to ask what you should pay for car insurance (because there are too many variables to answer that question), or I have a problem with my speedometer what do I do, or how do install HID headlights or what should I look for in buying a used Eclipse, not which cars are competition, not what is the best year to buy, what needs to be done to make my car faster, what is my tire pressure supposed to be, what MPG should I be getting, which turbo is best, what lambo doors should I get, what turn signals will fit my car, what is the best way to do "X". This forum is not a forum like the New Members forum where basic questions such as those are asked.

If you want to talk about bulbs, paintjobs, wings, etc, use this link.

If you have questions about forced induction, use this forum.

If you want to talk about, your car problems codes your car is throwing, or if it's not running right, something is broken, use this link.

If you want to talk about your wheels, your tires, your brakes, or your suspension, use this link

If you want to talk about your car audio, car PC's, or your car's electronics use this link.

If you want to sell or buy something for your car, use this link.

If you want to discuss a part you bought, or you would like to see other opinions or recommendations about parts (brake lights, clutches, suspension parts, etc.) or services, use this link.

If you are seeking services for your car in your area, or you just want to meet other locals, use the Regional Forums, not this one.

If you are a new member, I highly suggest using this forum there are links in that forum to answer the most basic of questions from how the forum software works, to how to post a picture, to which intake is better, it's in there.

Now, this again is to new members, this forum, and all other forums has thousands, upon thousands of questions you might want to ask, already answered. It does no one any good by you asking which intake is better, or what is a good exhaust for my car, or which part is the best, X or Y, or will this void my warranty? when it has already been answered before. Nor is this the forum to ask what to do next, because like everything else, it's all been answered before.

Having read all of that, don't dare make a thread in here going against all these guidelines because you wanted a quick answer, or couldn't find the answer, there's no possible reason to make a new thread because you couldn't find something; if you can't find the answer use the New Members Forum to ask your question in. If you use the search and find an answer to your issue, but still have further issues-simply ask in the thread you found; that in turn makes that specific thread more relevant the next time a person has to use the search for an answer.

This is the SEARCH feature, use it, this should realistically address all your questions, in the event that you cannot find an answer to your question, select from the correct forum you want to ask your question in.

And most importantly members, act with a modicum of decorum when providing responses to these particular types of redundant posts.

This is the F.A.Q. about your 3G, use it, it's there to help you.

Now, take note of this and understand it.

This is the link to the PROBLEM REPORTS FORUM

This isn't the forum to discuss your car having problems.

This forum is for the general discussion regarding the third generation Eclipse. That does not include problems your car may be having.

This forum is not the place to discuss noises, issues, creaks, leaks, dashboard idiot lights, headlight wiring, groans, misfires, thrown codes, rattles, general racket or other annoyances you may be facing with your car, as those fall under the category of problems not general discussion.

Simply look at the title of the forums before you think about posting in here, if you can insert the word problem in what you are trying to discuss with your car, it doesn't belong in here, as this is the general discussion forum. That is very clear, it is an inescapable fact, and is without room for discussion.
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