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I hunted around a bit and found many discussions of this, but no clear solutions.

My 2001 Spyder has a stinky moldy smell after it rains. This is primarily noticeable when you roll the windows down. Sniffing around carefully, it's pretty obvious that the smell is coming from the passenger door. With the window down, if you put your nose up to the window's weather stripping on the door, it's quite stinky.

So, I tried an experiment. At the hardware store, I found a spray bottle of "Damp Rid" mold and mildew remover. This product was interesting because it's non-toxic and doesn't have lots of harsh chemicals. I didn't want the over-spray damaging my car's paint. Typical bathroom cleaners would be a bad idea.

I rolled the passenger window all the way down and sprayed Damp Rid all over the window molding and down into the door. With the window down, the weather stripping is soft and flexible. It was easy to get my fingers in there with a paper towel and wipe it down thoroughly. It was seriously dirty in there. I sprayed and scrubbed it several times, cleaned up the overspray, and let it sit for ten minutes. You have to raise and lower the window and use a bunch of Windex to get all the Damp Rid residue off the glass.

After that, problem solved. The Damp Rid smell fades out after a day or two, and no more stinky smells! Total win for less than $5.

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